Continuous Data Platform for
Real-time Applications

Data-Driven Applications Made Simple

AI and Analytics

Integrated Tools

Develop and deploy machine learning and AI models with built in essential applications

Data Services

Structured, Unstructured, Streaming

Ingest and enrich streams, tables, objects and files in one Unified Data Platform


Multi-Cloud Serverless Platform

Develop applications faster without compromising performance and operations


Eliminating Silos And Complexity

Accelerated development and deployment with a fully integrated, unified data platform


Real-time Insights

Simultaneously ingest, enrich, analyze and serve at microsecond latencies, without duplicates


Secure Data Sharing

Control and audit access to data with granular content, role and context-based policies

Powering Diverse Use-Cases

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are rapidly gaining adoption as companies realize the unprecedented value of predictive analytics and calculated suggestions.

Learn how to implement machine learning models.

iguazio’s edge solution was designed specifically to handle unprecedented volumes of data in real-time, offload a wide variety analytics scenarios and provide fine-grained security.

Build and maintain your competitive EDGE!

iguazio delivers a next generation real-time data lake which stores and indexes multiple types of data, supporting a variety of APIs and providing fine-grained security to enable identity based data sharing.

Find out how we do it!

iguazio provides a single data platform that can run anywhere – be it on a public cloud or on premises – and offers full control over data, regardless of cloud provider.

Learn how to better maneuver hybrid cloud data!

From real-time alerts on cyber attacks to IoT automation, triggering actions based on predefined rules enables companies to move towards more automated and intelligent decision making.

Step up your game by reacting in real-time to changing events.

Firms must have an accurate market view in order to drive actions and remain competitive in the face of changing conditions.

Learn how a major stock exchange utilized machine learning and data science to build a sophisticated market surveillance platform with iguazio.

Cyber security attacks sneak up even on the most powerful enterprises. To tackle these growing threats, companies must always be one step ahead of cyber terrorists.

Discover how a leading telco combats cyber terrorism with iguazio.

Analysts predict that the number of connected devices will reach 50 billion within 5 years. The sheer volume of sensor data makes storage and real-time analytics particularly challenging.

Find out how a global automotive corporation utilized the iguazio Unified Data Platform for proactive analytics.

Continuous analytics are transforming the telematics industry by increasing driver effectiveness, optimizing pricing and leading to a better decision-making process.

South-East Asia’s #1 Ride-Hailing platform built a next gen data lake with iguazio. Join the ride to learn more.

In order to boost user engagement, media publications must understand reader and viewer needs to react immediately with spot on personalized content.

A diversified media corporation leveraged iguazio’s Unified Data Platform to achieve this – Discover what the buzz is about!

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