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Iguazio Achieves AWS Outposts Ready Designation to Help Enterprises Accelerate AI Deployment

Bring Your
Data Science
to Life

The Iguazio Data Science Platform automates MLOps with end-to-end machine learning pipelines, transforming AI projects into real-world business outcomes.

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Faster by moving from batch to real-time


Reduction in airplane turn time


Faults automatically prevented


Real-time recommendations per second served


Faster by moving from batch to real-time

Iguazio Data Science Platform

Automate and accelerate the data science workflow so concepts
flow smoothly from development to deployment to impact

Collect from any data source
Prepare online and offline data at scale
Accelerate and automate ML training
Deploy, monitor and manage models

Develop in an Open and Integrated Platform

Everything from data collection and preparation to training and deployment is completely orchestrated, enabling data science creation and production to be as smooth and simple as possible.

Reach Real-Time Performance at Enterprise Scale

Seamlessly deploy machine learning models to high-powered business apps, while maintaining peak performance at limitless scale.


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Iguazio in the news

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