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Which gen AI smart call center app use cases are other companies implementing?

Call center companies can use gen AI for a wide range of use cases. Gen AI can assist with demand reduction, deflection and routing of calls, vendor optimization, improving operational efficiency and service optimization. Some of the most popular applications include:

  • Co-pilots - Providing assistance and suggestions to agents in real-time based on customer history, product capabilities, contracts, policies, etc.
  • Post-call insights -  Taking the data from conversation, emails and chats, embedding into business analytics and deriving insights.
  • Chatbots - Augmenting the use of automated chatbots to answer customer requests.
  • Training - Simulations for new and experiences agents

Companies that are able to combine their domain expertise with an understanding of their pain points, the gen AI tech and the future roadmap of gen AI products and the opportunities they hold, will be able to derive business value from gen AI apps.

Implementing a Gen AI Smart Call Center Analysis App

How to build a gen AI app to analyze call center activity, customized to the organization

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