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Building Scalable Customer-Facing Gen AI Applications Effectively & Responsibly with MongoDB - July 30th, 2024

Bringing AI to Life

The Iguazio AI platform operationalizes and de-risks ML & gen AI applications at scale so organizations can implement AI effectively and responsibly in live business environments. Orchestrate and automate your AI pipelines, establish guardrails to address risk and regulation challenges, deploy your applications anywhere, and turn your AI projects into real business impact.

See it in Action


Faster by moving from batch to real-time


Reduction in airplane turn time


Faults automatically prevented


Real-time recommendations per second served


Faster by moving from batch to real-time

Iguazio AI Platform

Operationalize (gen) AI applications and mitigate risks in production
to deliver impact at scale across the enterprise


Operationalize Your Gen AI Applications

Go from POC to a live application in production, cutting costs and time-to-market with efficient scaling, resource optimization, automation and data management applying MLOps principles.

De-Risk and Protect with Gen AI Guardrails

Monitor applications in production to ensure compliance and reduce risk of data privacy breaches, bias, AI hallucinations and IP infringements.

Key Components for AI Implementation


Responsibly fine-tune models with RAG, RAFT and more. Improve model accuracy and performance at minimal cost.


Optimize GPU resources by scaling usage up and down as needed.


Multi-cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments all supported.


Monitor AI applications, address regulation needs, remove PII, mitigate bias and more.

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Iguazio in the news