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Handling Large Datasets in Data Preparation & ML Training Using MLOps

Explore how to use Dask over Kubernetes when handling large datasets in data preparation and ML training, with code examples and a link to a full demo, as well as practical tips to get you started.

  • by Alex Joseph
  • January 18, 2021
Dask over kubernetes

MLOps NYC Panel: Recorded Sessions

It's a wrap! We had a full house at MLOps NYC, Iguazio's annual conference about managing and automating machine learning pipelines in order to bring data science into business applications. With an outstanding caliber of speakers and audience, the MLOps conference went beyond theory, shedding light on painful and successful machine learning experiences which involve...

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Python Pandas at Extreme Performance

Today we all choose between the simplicity of Python tools (pandas, Scikit-learn), the scalability of Spark and Hadoop, and the operation readiness of Kubernetes. We end up using them all.

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