Configuring VPC Subnet Allocation of Public IP Addresses (AWS)

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When installing an instance of the platform with public IP addresses, you must enable and configure allocation of public IP addresses for one or more subnets of the AWS virtual private cloud (VPC) in which the platform will be installed, as outlined in this guide.

Step 1: AWS Login

Log into your AWS Management Console and select the VPC service.

Select VPC

Step 2: Subnets Selection

Under Subnets, select the subnet (or subnets) in which you plan to install the platform. Then, from the Actions menu select Modify auto-assign IP settings.

Select subnet

Step 3: Enable Allocation of Public IP Addresses

Finally, check Enable auto-assign public IPv4 address, and select Save.

Enable auto assign

Any EC2 instance provisioned in this subnet will now be assigned a public IP address.

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