Installing the Platform without an Internet Connection (Offline Installation) (PVE)

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Installing (deploying) the platform on virtual machines (VMs) in environments without an internet connection (a.k.a. "dark sites") requires a variation on the online procedure that's described in the PVE Installation Guide, as outlined in this guide.


Before you begin, ensure that you have the following:

  1. A platform installation package (<build name>.tar.gz), received from Iguazio.
  2. A preloaded Provazio dashboard Docker image (, received from Iguazio as an image archive (provazio-latest.tar.gz).
  3. A Provazio dashboard API key, received from Iguazio.
  4. Administrative access to a platform PVE cluster with the required networks configuration (see Configuring Virtual Networking (PVE) and Configuring IP Addresses (PVE)) and deployed VMs for each of the platform nodes (see Deploying the Platform Nodes (PVE)).

Run The Platform Installer Offline

Execute the following steps to run the platform installer (Provazio) without internet connectivity (offline installation):

  1. Copy and extract the installation package:

    1. Establish an SSH connection to one of the platform's data-node VMs.
    2. Create an installer directory under /home/iguazio ($HOME):
    3. Copy the <build name>.tar.gz installation-package archive (see the prerequisites) to the new /home/iguazio/installer directory.
    4. Extract the package archive to the installer directory.
  2. Copy and extract the Provazio dashboard Docker image:

    1. Copy the provazio-latest.tar.gz preloaded Provazio dashboard Docker-image archive (see the prerequisites) to the installation machine that is running Docker.

    2. Extract the provazio-latest.tar.gz Docker-image archive by running the following command on the machine that is running Docker:

      docker load -i 

      The output for a successful execution should look like this:

      Loaded image:
  3. Run the platform installer, Provazio, by running the following command from a command-line shell; replace the <Provazio API Key> placeholder with the Provazio API key that you received from Iguazio:

    docker run --rm --name provazio-dashboard \
         -p 8060:8060 \
         -e PROVAZIO_API_KEY=<Provazio API Key> \

What's Next?

After successfully running the platform installer, proceed to the installer dashboard-access step in the PVE installation guide to configure installation parameters from the installer dashboard.