Configuring IP Addresses (PVE)

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To allow the platform installer (Provazio) to connect to the platform's data and application nodes, you need to configure IP addresses for the management network ("management IP addresses") on the platform's node VMs, as outlined in this guides.


Before you begin, ensure that you have the following:

  1. Administrative access to a platform PVE cluster with the required networks configuration (see Configuring Virtual Networking (PVE)) and deployed VMs for each of the platform nodes (see Deploying the Platform Nodes (PVE)).
  2. User credentials for configuring management IP addresses, received from Iguazio.
  3. The management network's subnet can accommodate allocation of different IP addresses for each of the platform's node VMs.

Configure the Management IP Addresses

To configure the management IP addresses on the platform's node VMs, execute the following procedure from the PVE GUI for each node VM.

Do not disable IPv6 on the Data and App node VMs.

Don't configure IP addresses for the platform's data-path (client) and interfaces networks (interfaces "eth1" and "eth2"), as this is handled implicitly by the platform installer (Provazio).
  1. Select to access the VMs' console.

  2. Log into the VM using the user credentials for configuring management IP addresses, received from Iguazio (see the prerequisites).

  3. Run the following command from the console command line to launch the NetworkManager text user interface (nmtui) CLI tool:

    sudo nmtui
  4. Configure the IP address, subnet, and gateway address on the management-network interface — "eth0". (Don't configure interfaces "eth1" and "eth2"; this is handled by the platform installer.)

  5. Ensure that the Automatically connect option is selected.

  6. When you're done with the configuration, exit nmtui and run the following command to restart the network and apply your changes.

    sudo systemctl

Verifying the Configuration

After configuring the management IP addresses for all of the platform's node VMs, ensure that the configured addresses are defined and reachable.


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