The Web-Shell Service

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The platform includes a web-based command-line shell ("web shell") service for running application services and performing basic file-system operations from a web browser. For example, you can use the Presto CLI to run SQL queries on your data; use the TSDB CLI to work with TSDBs; use spark-submit to run Spark jobs; run local and Hadoop file-system commands; or use kubectl CLI to run commands against the platform's application clusters.

The custom web-shell service parameters allow you to optionally associate the service with a Spark service and select a Kubernetes service account that will determine the permissions for using the kubectl CLI from the web shell. Following is a list of the kubectl operations that can be performed with each service account:

  • "None" — no permission to use kubectl.
  • "Log Reader" — list pods and view logs.
  • "Application Admin" — list pods; view logs; and create or delete secrets and ConfigMaps.
  • "Service Admin" — list pods; view logs and resource metrics; create or delete secrets and ConfigMaps; create, delete, list, or get jobs and cron jobs; and view, edit, list, or delete Persistent Volume Claims (PVCs).

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