Overview of the Data-Layer APIs

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As explained in the data-layer overview, the platform exposes multiple proprietary and third-party application programming interfaces (APIs) for working with different types of data, including data ingestion and preparation, and allows you to access the same data from different interfaces.

The following table shows the provided programming interfaces for working with different types of data in the platform's data store. For full API references, see the data-layer references.

Data Type Interfaces
NoSQL (Wide-Column Key/Value) Data

The platform's NoSQL data store was built to take advantage of a distributed cluster of physical and virtual machines that use flash memory to deliver in-memory performance while keeping flash economy and density. You can access NoSQL data through these interfaces:

SQL Data

You can work with SQL data in the platform through these interfaces:

Time-Series Data

You can create and manage time-series databases in the platform's data store through these interfaces:

  • V3IO TSDB CLI — for creating and deleting TSDB tables, and ingesting and consuming (querying) time-series data
  • V3IO Prometheus — for querying TSDBs

You can stream data directly into the platform and consume data from platform streams through the following interfaces:

File / Simple Data Object

You can work with data files and simple data objects — such CSV, Parquet, or Avro files, or binary image or video files — through these interfaces:


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