Container Names and IDs

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Container Names

Every container has a name, which is a user-assigned string that uniquely identifies the container within its tenant and in the dashboard.

Container-Name Restrictions

Container names are subject to the general file-system naming restrictions and the following additional restrictions:

  • Contain only the following characters:

    • Lowercase letters (a–z) and numeric digits (0–9)
    • Hyphens (-)
    • Underscores (_)
  • Begin and end with a lowercase letter (a–z) or a numeric digit (0–9)

  • Contain at least one lowercase letter (a–z)

  • Not contain multiple successive hyphens (-) or underscores (_)

  • Length of 1–128 characters

Container names cannot contain spaces.

Container IDs

The platform assigns every container a unique numeric ID.

Container-ID Deprecation
Whenever possible, identify a container by its name (or "alias") and not by its ID. For platform APIs that support both identification methods, the container-ID option is deprecated and will eventually be removed.

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