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The Monitoring Application Service and Grafana Dashboards

The platform has a default (pre-deployed) tenant-wide monitoring application service (monitoring) for monitoring application services and gathering performance statistics and additional data. This service is enabled by default.

All Grafana user services in the platform that are created or restarted after the monitoring service is enabled have a private dashboards directory that contains the following predefined dashboards. The dashboards visualize data gathered by the monitoring service for application services of the parent tenant:

  • Application Services Monitoring — displays information for all the managed application services.
  • Nuclio Functions Monitoring - Overview — displays information for all the deployed serverless Nuclio functions.
  • Nuclio Functions Monitoring - Per Function — displays information for a specific Nuclio function, as set in the dashboard filter.

The name of the monitoring service on the Services platform dashboard page (monitoring) links to the UI of the related Prometheus service.

The platform also has a shared single-instance tenant-wide application-cluster Grafana service with monitoring dashboards for the entire Kubernetes application cluster (rather than a specific Kubernetes namespace like the dashboards for the Grafana user service). The dashboards are located under a private directory.
This service is accessible from the platform dashboard to users with the IT Admin management policy via a Status dashboard link on the Clusters | Application tab. The link opens the Kubernetes Cluster Status dashboard, but you can find additional dashboards in the parent private dashboards directory.


Several platform features rely on the monitoring service of the parent tenant, including the following:

  • The application-services and Nuclio-functions monitoring data that's displayed in the platform dashboard and in the platform's Grafana monitoring dashboards. Note that the predefined monitoring Grafana dashboards display information only when the monitoring service is enabled; the service is enabled by default.

  • Auto scaling of Nuclio functions.

  • You can also use the Kubernetes kubectl CLI from a platform web-shell or Jupyter Notebook application service to monitor your Kubernetes application cluster. For details, see Kubernetes monitoring tools.

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