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This reference lists reserved names in the platform's data=layer APIs. Don't use these names for your custom components such as for attribute names. For additional restrictions, see the Software Specifications and Restrictions.

The reserved names are case insensitive. For example, for the reserved keyword set, also avoid using SET or Set.


All expression keywords, including the following, are reserved names in the platform:

Logical Operators

  • and
  • in
  • or
  • out
For more information, see the Logical Operators expressions reference.

Update-Expression Keywords

  • remove
  • set
For more information, see the Update Expression reference.


The V3IO Frames API uses these reserved keywords:

  • idx
  • idx-0
  • raw_data
  • seq_number
  • stream_time

In addition, when using the Frames TSDB backend, time is reserved for the name of the sample ingestion-time attribute and cannot be used as a label name.

System Attributes

For a list of reserved predefined platform system attributes, see the System-Attributes Reference.

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