Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Can I get all the logs to a 3rd party log analysis system?

We offer log forwarding out-of-the-box to Elasticsearch. We are expanding our support for other tools such as DataDogs, Google Log Analyzer and others.

How can I troubleshoot my system?

We provide a number of tools that can help you diagnose potential issues in the system and platform. There are troubleshooting guides for:

Does Iguazio have an alert system to warn of potential issues that may arise?

Iguazio has an events and alerts dashboard. In addition, Iguazio has a service center and customers with an operational cluster can configure their servers to send critical events to Iguazio’s service center.

Does Iguazio offer enterprise support?

Yes. We have a ticketing system, dedicated Slack channels for customers, and access to our team of experts.

Does Iguazio offer training and on-boarding?

Yes. Iguazio offers a library of on-demand video resources, dedicated Slack channels, and in-person on-boarding sessions.

Who do I reach out to if my cluster has a problem?

Our enterprise customers can submit tickets to our support team.