Configuring the SMTP Server

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The platform sends email messages for different purposes, such as password generation and call home functionality. To support this, the platform clusters needs to be configured to work with a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server that will be used for sending the email messages.


The following prerequisites must be filled to successfully configure an SMTP server for your cluster:

  • There must be an SMTP server with connectivity to the cluster. When the cluster is connected to the internet, you can use a public server. Otherwise, use a local SMTP server.
  • The call home functionality requires that the SMTP server be able to send emails to the Iguazio domain.
  • The user who configures the SMTP server must have the IT Admin management policy.

Configuring an SMTP Server from the Dashboard

Follow these steps to configure an SMTP server for your cluster:

  1. Open the platform dashboard and select the settings gear-wheel icon () from the top-right toolbar of any page to open the Settings window.

  2. In the SMTP section, ensure that the Enabled option is turned on and fill in the configuration parameters — a valid SMTP email address; the username and password of an SMTP user to be used for sending the email messages; the host IP address and port of the SMTP server; and optionally a list of users with the IT Admin management policy for receiving cluster-alert email notifications — as demonstrated in the following image:

    DNS Server Manager - select DNS
  3. Select Apply to apply your changes.

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