Platform Deployment

What environments can Iguazio be installed in?

Iguazio supports cloud deployments in AWS/GCP/Azure as well as on-premises deployments. We can also install on air-gapped sites that do not have internet access.

How do you deploy Iguazio?

Iguazio is installed via a web installation tool called Provazio. It is highly recommended that you let our expert staff deploy our system. However, you can deploy our system with the assistance of our support team, either by having them walk you through the installation process, or by using a set of preconfigured instructions that we provide. Installation instructions can be found in our Hardware-Configuration and Deployment Options section of our documentation portal.

What are your minimum requirements?

Our minimum requirements are enough to run small workloads while still leveraging all our functionality. See the following pages for minimum requirements per environment:

Do you install your own version Kubernetes to run your platform?

We can install our platform on any of the major cloud vendors Kubernetes platforms such as EKS, AKS, GKE or an on-premises vanilla Kubernetes.

Do you support Nvidia DGX?

Yes we support Nvidia DGX.