Calculating Required Infrastructure Resources (Azure)

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Allocated Infrastructure Resources

When the platform is installed, it creates the following resources. Take this into account when selecting your installation configuration.

Type Amount When Notes
Data node 1 or 3 Always Azure instance type (VM size) Standard_L16s_v2.
High-availability (HA) requires three nodes.
Data-cluster application security group 1 per data cluster Always
Application node (AKS worker nodes) 1 or more Always Azure instance type (VM size) Standard_D16s_v3 or larger or NCv3-series (GPU optimized).
High-availability (HA) requires at least two nodes.
Application-cluster application security group 1 per application cluster Always
Network interface 1 per node Always
OS boot disk (Azure managed disk) 1 per node Always Premium SSD. At least 400 GB for each data node and 250 GB for each application node.
Public IP address 1 per node The platform has public IP addresses.
VNet 1 The platform is deployed to a new VNet.
Network security group 1 Always See Network Security Groups Configuration (Azure).
Installer node with a disk, NIC, and application security group 1 Always A Standard_D8s_v3 Azure VM installer node with additional resources that are used only for the platform installation and can be deleted after the installation completes.
AKS Cluster 1 ALways

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