Configuring the DNS Server

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Application services in the MLOps Platform ("the platform") clusters run on top of Kubernetes (see The Platform's Application Services). The services are accessed via Kubernetes ingresses, which act as gateways that allow access to cluster applications and internal services through service URLs. The platform uses the CoreDNS DNS server to resolve cluster service URLs and map them to internal service IP addresses.

  • FQDN is required for the platform to operate properly.
  • The DNS configuration can be configured in any DNS service.


Domain Name System — an internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses.
Fully qualified domain name

Configuring the MLOps Platform DNS

To configure the DNS server for Iguazio Platform, create two type A wildcard entries.

Data Cluster DNS entry:

      *.data.<subdomain>.<domain> to point to the data nodes IPs. 

Application Cluster DNS entry:

      *.app.<subdomain>.<domain> to point to the application nodes IPs.


* ->,,
* ->,,

Example for Route 53 (AWS DNS Service) configuration:

AWS DNS configuration

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