Overview of the Streaming Web API

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The platform's Streaming Web API enables working with data in the platform as streams. For more information, see Working with Data Streams ("Streaming").

  • To create and configure a new stream, use CreateStream.

  • To get the description of a stream's configuration, use DescribeStream.

  • To update a stream's configuration (change its shard count), use UpdateStream.

  • To add records to a stream, use PutRecords.

    You can optionally control the assignment of records to specific shards. For more information, see Stream Sharding and Partitioning.

  • To retrieve a specific location within a shard, to be used in a subsequent GetRecords operation, use Seek.

  • To retrieve records from a specific stream shard, use GetRecords.

    GetRecords receives as a parameter the location within the specified stream shard from which to begin consuming records. Use the Seek operation to retrieve the location of the first record to consume, according to the desired location type. GetRecords returns the location of the next record in the shard to consume, which you can use as the location parameter of a subsequent GetRecords operation. For more information, see Stream Record Consumption.

The Streaming Web API is part of the data-service web APIs and conforms to the related structure and syntax rules — see Data-Service Web-API General Structure.

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