Creating a GCP Service Account

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When installing the platform, a service account with Owner permissions needs to be created.

Step 1: GCP Login

Log into your GCP Management Console and select the IAM & Admin section.

Select AIM & ADMIN

Step 2: Create a Service Account

In the side navigation menu, select Service Accounts, and then select Create Service Account. Type a name and description, then click Create.

Create Service Account

Step 3: Set Owner Permissions

In the Grant this service account access to project section, choose Owner.

Set owner

When you're done, click Done.

Step 4: Create a JSON Key

Go to the Service Account that you just created, click the Keys tab, and select Create new key from the Add Key menu.

Create New key

Select the Key Type JSON and click CREATE.

Set policy

The key should be downloaded to your workstation. It will be used in the next step.