Setting Labels on App Nodes (for jobs/functions assignments)

A user with the IT Admin role can assign one or more labels to app node servers. Then, when configuring nuclio, mlrun, and services, in the Custom parameters tab, Node Selector, you can enter a label that identifies the servers the pod can run on.

You can filter the Nodes page by type and by label name.

  1. In the Clusters page > App Nodes tab, select one or more nodes and press EDIT LABELS.
  2. Click + and type in a key:value pair.
  3. To add another label, press + and type in another key:value pair.
  4. Press APPLY. The dialog updates with a success message. If there are conflicting key values (the same key for multiple servers but with different values), the system prompts you to delete the duplicate keys, after which you can save the key value pairs.
  5. When you close the dialog box the label name (or names) appears in the row of the node.