Getting-Started Tutorials and Guides

Use the getting-started tutorials and guides to facilitate your introduction to the platform and shorten the learning curve.


It’s recommended that you also review and follow the platform’s tutorial Jupyter notebooks, which include documented code examples that demonstrate how to use the different platform APIs, ranging from getting-started examples to full end-to-end use-case demos. To view and run these tutorials from your cluster, you first need to create a Jupyter Notebook service; the tutorials for your version of the platform will be available in the user home directory of the service’s running user (users/<username>), which is accessible directly from the JupyterLab file browser. First, read the welcome.ipynb notebook (available also as a Markdown file), and then proceed to a getting-started example or demo application that best suits your development needs. You can also find a version of this introductory documentation and useful getting-started links on the documentation site — see Introducing the Platform.