Creating an AWS IAM User

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When installing the platform, the installation needs the credentials of your AWS account to create the required infrastructure. This guide walks you through the steps for creating a restricted AWS IAM user, which has only the minimal set of permissions that are required for the installation. You'll need to provide the credentials of this user as part of the platform installation, as outlined in the platform's AWS cloud installation guide.

Step 1: AWS Login

Log into your AWS Management Console and select the IAM service.

Select iAM

Step 2: Create a New User

In the side navigation menu, select Access management | Users, and then select Add user.

Add user

Step 3: Set the User's Access Permissions and Name

In the Set user details section,

  • In the User name field, enter the name of the new user (for example, "Provazio" — recommended).
  • In the Access type field, check the Programmatic access option to allow the user only programmatic access.
Set access

When you're done, select Next: Permissions.

Step 4: Create a Policy

Select Attach existing policies directly, and then select Create policy.

Attach policy

Download the platform IAM policy file provazio-eks.json for an EKS cluster. Edit the file to replace all $AWS_ACCOUNT_ID instances with your AWS Account ID.

Paste the contents of your selected policy file in the JSON tab of the AWS Management Console and select Review policy. Give the policy a name (for example, "ManageIguazioSystems" — recommended), optionally add a description, and select Create policy.

Set policy

Step 5: Create the User

Filter the policies for the name of the policy that you created and select the policy.

Select Next: Tags and optionally assign user tags.

Select Next: Review and review your role definition. When you're ready, select Create user.

Step 6: Save the User Credential

Download and save the credentials of the new user (Access key iD and Secret access key).

Create user

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